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A present for Bela and Leanne, for ruining my life in the best way

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Meet OUT’s June/July cover boy. You may also know him as Matt Bomer. You may now attempt to go about your Monday like nothing interesting has happened, but you will be so, so wrong. 

Here’s an excerpt from my cover story:

Bomer, whom Murphy had cast in guest roles on Glee (he played Darren Criss’s older brother) and The New Normal (as Andrew Rannells’s ostentatious ex-boyfriend), campaigned aggressively to play Felix. “Matt, out of everybody, fought the hardest for it,” Murphy tells Out. “It was that same passion that I had used to persuade Larry Kramer to give me the rights to the play.”

Murphy told Kramer they’d found their Felix. “I said, ‘I really believe in Matt Bomer.’ And Larry said, ‘But he’s so beautiful! Is he too beautiful?’”

Murphy arranged a meeting between the two men. “I was pretty starstruck,” Bomer says. “It was like meeting one of the Beatles. He was so central to my understanding and development. We talked for a really long time.” Kramer emailed Murphy immediately after: “He’s the one.”

Because Bomer knew the part would require a production break during which he would have to lose a substantial amount of weight—40 pounds—part of his original lobbying effort for the role was extensive, specific research into how, in 1984, a man dying of AIDS would see his body change. His transformation— especially in contrast to Ned and Felix’s vigorous sex scenes earlier in the movie—is a painfully, hauntingly accurate time capsule.

“I think Matt felt the ghosts,” Murphy says. “I think he felt all the shame and humiliation and degradation of all those brothers who have died of AIDS. It was a very beautiful, spiritual thing to witness.”

Filming such demanding material over the course of five months employed Bomer’s years of classical training, and it took him back to that wide-eyed 14-year-old who first read The Normal Heart. “You’re really lucky as an artist if you get a role that changes you as a person,” Bomer, now 36, says earnestly, on the brink of tears. “It taught me how to access myself on a completely different level as an artist. And it blew my mind in terms of the level of unconditional love between Ned and Felix—my goodness, if these people could incorporate this into their lives, under their circumstances, why can’t I?”

My full interview with Bomer, some adorable outtakes and more AMAZING photos will be up next week. In the meantime, as always, feel free to hit my ask box with questions/queries/exclamation points.

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Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo in Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart

It’s all fun and games until you’re ugly sobbing at the back of the theater in front of a bunch of twinks.

It’s great, btw. Beautifully adapted and restrained in ways I’d never have expected, and perfectly, so perfectly played.

And I’ve somehow been convinced it will be especially great for twinks and kids and Tumblr and the Glee generation, or anyone who’s never seen or known the play or much of anything about the early AIDS epidemic. I hope that theory bears out. It’s only one small part of the story but it’s an important one.

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You NEEDED Mermen of color on your dash, you just didn’t know it.

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Évelyne Brochu talking about Orphan Black     x

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